About NomadNet

NomadNet is a supplier of wireless Hotspots and Internet access solutions for the hospitality industry.
Our first site was trialled in Katherine NT on September 5th 2005.
Today NomadNet has installed Internet Access systems in every state of mainland Australia and even in New Zealand. Sites range from 4 Star Resorts to Small Country Motels and Caravan Parks.
The availability of internet at hospitality venues across Australia is increasing rapidly and becoming a service that is expected by guests to have on their lists of services offered.
With our unique and distinctive branding, easy billing system and secure hardware, every system we install enables our vendors to supply a consistent professional internet access solution to their customers.
A key element of the popularity of NomadNet is the backup service.
We operate a 24 hour-7day Help Desk for all related issues with the NomadNet system so guests, staff or managers can to talk to our trained staff who can provide solutions at any time help is required.
We offer a progressive team of IT specialists who are proactive in improving and developing their product and services, while providing a profitable and sustainable business model to the hospitality industry.